Find Your Way Back to Happy

Coaching, support + tools to feel better
from the inside out

Hi, I’m Rachel

Integrative Health Coach + Mindset Mentor

I help you clear the fog + feel great, from the inside out.

Integrative Health Coaching

Let’s face it – life is HARD. I have your back in all things nutrition, movement + emotional support.

Mindset Mentoring

How you think MATTERS. We’ll work together to create the intentions + actions to build the new YOU.

Helping You Clear The Fog With Personalized, Integrative Health + Nutrition Coaching

Feel Like It's Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can't Seem to Find a Way to Make it Stick?

Let's work together to create some balance in your life that inspires progress and creativity.

How does an Integrative Health Coach + Mindset Mentor help?

Optimum Nutrition for a Healthy Body + Mind

How you feel day to day has a lot to do with nutrition. I specialize in Gut Health coaching for wellbeing from the inside out.

Movement + Aligned Action

Know what movement routine is best for you is science - not a guessing game. Let the experts at The Healthy High Performer create a progressive workout plan that works for YOU.

Shifting Mindset = Mindful Momentum

Inspired by top coaches and experts like Dr. Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Andrew Huberman on how to reframe and shift your thinking and take care of your mind + body. The stories we tell ourselves become our view of the world around us. Learn how to use that to your advantage.

Your Ally in Accountability

The hardest part about starting something new is sticking with it. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Here’s What Others Are Saying

health coach rachel blasco  ratings and testimonials
health coach rachel blasco  ratings and testimonials
health coach rachel blasco  ratings and testimonials
health coach rachel blasco  ratings and testimonials
health coach rachel blasco reviews and testimonials
J Richard
J Richard

“I started working with Rachel 9 months ago. I initially started because I wanted to loose some weight, which I’m proud to say I’ve lost 45 pounds. But it has turned into so much more. Rachel has been there for me and has given me the tools and ideas to help me feel better about […]

F Stevenson
F Stevenson

“Within three months of working with Rachel, I lost 10 lbs, started walking 3-4 miles per day, have incorporated many new nutrition habits, have more energy, stronger fingernails, smoother skin, a refrigerator full of greens, improved cognitive function, less joint pain, exemplary blood work, and I am no longer pre-diabetic! Rachel’s been with me every […]

A Burton
A Burton

“Rachel communicated to me, in language I could understand, the direct connections between the foods I was eating and their negative impact on my health. At the time, I was eating a diet full of processed foods, refined sugar, and carbohydrates. While I was choosing organic meats, there wasn’t anything green to be found in […]

S Conrad
S Conrad

“I reached out to Rachel after a friend recommend her for some nutrition advice. I got way more than I bargained for! Although my main goal was to lose weight, I’ve been profoundly changed for the better through the other things I’ve learned in my time working with her. I can’t thank her or recommend […]

B Tinton
B Tinton

“I hired Rachel to help me with my weight loss goals. Little did I know that I was going to experience a total transformation from the inside out. I feel more peace and pride in myself than I have in years. I wake up excited to start the day.”

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My Integrative Approach

I help you get out of the rut of low self-esteem, low energy + feeling stuck! We do this by exploring all aspects of the life wheel including Physical, Nutritional,  Emotional, + Spiritual wellbeing.

- 1:1 Accountability Calls

- Custom Nutrition Plans

- Custom Strength + Conditioning by The Healthy High Performer

- Mind-Body Exercises + Tools

- Sleep Optimization

- Suggested Network of Additional Support

- Mindfulness practices

... and MORE!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. It’s Time To Clear The Fog + Feel GREAT